Karson Aggregates produces a wide range of aggregate products for our construction projects and for external sales. We have the ability and means to supply large or smaller scale projects with granular products and the services. We also provide home delivery services for those living in the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas. Karson Aggregates can provide services for our customers with a fleet of  tri-axles, trailers, water trucks and equipment transport.

With five quarries and six sandpits, the Karson Group has the right aggregates in the right locations to service the Ottawa area effectively. Close to market aggregates are important! All aggregates are delivered by trucks and the farther we have to haul, the more trucks are required and the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Aggregates are available for roadbeds, asphalt paving, and ready-mix concrete. Sand or topsoil is available for concrete production, landscaping and golf course construction.