The Karson Group is an integrated construction and materials company located in Eastern Ontario. We are one of the region’s most progressive road builders and with 10 pits and quarries, we are also one of the largest. The Karson Group comprises three divisions: Karson Konstruction, Karson Asphalt Paving and Karson Aggregates.

The Karson Group recognizes the importance of providing customers with products that are “in spec” to ensure that projects run efficiently and are not delayed because of questionable products. Our Quality Control department performs rigorous testing of our aggregates and asphalt to ensure that we not only meet specification, but conform to The Karson Group’s high standards.

The Karson Group has CCIL certified laboratories that provide design to placement services for Karson Asphalt Paving, gradation and physical properties testing for Karson Aggregates and compaction-placement services for Karson Konstruction.